Research in Malawi

Due to many reasons like loss of habitat, decreasing prey densities and (illegal) poaching, wildlife is facing more risks these days. Wildlife rehabilitation centres have their hands full taking care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife which is a costly and time consuming process. The animals that are been taken care of are not only inflicted with stress and wounds, but they can also suffer from traumatic experiences.

Naturopathy has proven to be very successful in supporting the body’s natural healing mechanism for years (actually it goes back hundreds of years) and today naturopathy is increasingly being used to improve the health of pets and livestock, with great success. Somehow the use of naturopathy is not that common in the wildlife rehab world, but there are reports showing that the use of naturopathic medicine, while rehabilitating wildlife, is effective and can decrease costs. Still, the overall documentation and research on naturopathy in wildlife rehabilitation is scarce.

This research in Malawi will provide new, fresh insights in the feasibility of the integration of naturopathy in wildlife rehabilitation.



  1. Wiek

    Ben zo benieuwd! Heel veel succes en ga je missen!

  2. Sylvia (Silverlinde)

    Hé Alma, wauw, wordt al direct enthousiast bij het lezen van je plannen. Heel veel plezier en succes daar!

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