Final days in the Netherlands

So the final days here in the Netherlands are coming to an end. Since I will have far more interesting things to write about after a few days in Malawi, just a short message for now.

Days have gone fast and almost everything is ready to be packed. Especially all the natural remedies I am bringing along, needed to be packed properly. Bubble wrap, aluminium foil and again some plastic. I definitely don’t want anything to break. The oils I am bringing are pretty intense and although a hint of lavender oil can be quite relaxing, a whole bottle of pure garlic oil broken in my backpack is extremely nasty. If you just open the bottle, it smells like gas, serious gas and the room immediately fills up with it.

So I think I am in big trouble if this bottle breaks in my backpack when I am wondering on the airport….

Take care for now and hopefully I can post some fresh news from Malawi soon!




  1. Haha, can imagine the smell of your clothes when the garlic bottle gets lucky…. Let’s hoppe for the best! Hope you two had a good flight and can’t wait to read all about Malawi and your experiences there. X

  2. Wiek

    Alms!!!! Hoe is het nu? Ik wil de eerste update!!!!!

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